• package, insert and prepare postal shipments
  • package and send contest prizes in parcels
  • attach customer cards and fold paper elements
  • handle reply coupons and orders – our mailbox
  • send items under subscription
  • store goods for cyclical promotion


We automatically package materials for envelopes with dimensions from C-6 to C-5 (114 x 162 mm to 162 x 229 mm)
Our daily capacity in automatic enveloping is 150,000 – 200,000 letters depending on the quantity of elements being enveloped.
Matching between letter and replay coupons can be included in our service
We also ensure the manual enveloping of non-standard units.

We co-operate with envelope manufacturers and can assist in the purchase of envelopes with or without windows or printed company logo.


We address parcels and print all changeable data using inkjet or laser technology on materials to A-3 format.

Printed designs can be inserted anywhere on finished envelopes, forms or letters and in several boxes at the same time. Examples include addresses, customer codes, barcodes and campaign symbols. We also personalize labels and forms for parcels.

Personalised mailing elements such as offer letters make a parcel more individual, thereby increasing the effectiveness of promotions and advertising.


We fold sheets of paper, letters and leaflets to required formats and can easily match the format of a leaflet letter to the format of an envelope.

Choose envelope format – C-4, C-5 or C-6/C-5 – right up to the last moment.

Plastic film wrap

Aesthetic and economical method of packaging varied elements Prepares materials for postal shipment

We wrap such elements as:

  • catalogues
  • brochures,
  • newspapers,
  • CDs,
  • folders with gadgets and inserts,
  • whole packages with many elements,
  • other non-standard elements.

We shrink-wrap using all types and qualities of wrap material, such as PVC, PE and PP film.

Post office delivery

We ensure the transport of parcels to the post office, within the time limit indicated by the customer, as per our agreement with Poczta Polska, or as per customer’s agreement with post office of choice.